How to Stop Acid Reflux Without Drugs


Many people are unfortunately familiar with how difficult it can be to fall asleep while experiencing pain caused by heartburn and acid reflux. While there seems to be numerous prescriptions available to help you reduce the symptoms of heartburn, in reality many of those drugs are ill suited to actually solving the heartburn problem, and can potentially cause serious problems on their own. These drugs, known as PPIs (Proton Pump Inhibitors) are in reality only designed to treat a limited number of specific issues, such as bleeding ulcers and acid reflux in its most severe cases (when damage has been done to the esophagus). Unfortunately, over 90% of the people who take PPIs such as Nexium, Prilosec and Prevacid don’t actually need this kind of dosage for the level of acid reflux they experience. The prolonged dosage of these drugs can actually cause a number of more severe problems in the future, such as heart disease and dementia.

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Another major problem with being overprescribed with acid reflux medicine is the fact that many people develop a dangerous habit in taking PPIs on a regular basis. Your body can become accustomed to the drug, so much so that you may find it difficult to stop taking the PPI entirely while still maintaining the diet you have grown accustomed to. In these cases, there are ways you can wean yourself off the harmful PPI, such as slowly lowering your dosage. It is inadvisable to quit taking PPIs cold turkey, especially if you have been taking them for years. You will be able to lose your dependency by gradually lowering your dosage over time and then switching to a less severe, over the counter replacement before cutting out PPIs entirely. Once you have stopped taking the drug, you may be wondering how you will deal with your persistent acid reflux problem so you can get a healthy night’s sleep again. Thankfully, there are a lot of effective ways to reduce your acid reflux without ever having to take a prescription.

Initial Treatments

Many people who experience discomfort due to acid reflux often do so for similar reasons. It is common for people to have insufficient amounts of stomach acid that can healthily break down the materials and bacteria that cause acid reflux. To improve your stomach acid levels, you might try swapping processed table salt for unprocessed Himalayan salt or something similar. You can also try taking a spoonful of sauerkraut or cabbage juice before each meal to encourage your stomach to create more acid naturally.

Acid Relfux

When you decrease the amount of stomach acid in your body, you allow bacteria known as Helicobacter pylori (H Pylori) to grow in excess in your stomach. This leads to problems like acid reflux, especially if you have a diet that includes significant levels of caffeine, sodium, alcohol or nicotine. Fortunately, there are a large number of foods that can greatly reduce the levels of H pylori bacteria in your system, such as:

• Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
• Aloe Juice
• Ginger root
• Baking soda
• Glutamine (found in foods such as eggs, fish, chicken, beef and dairy products)
• Folate and B Vitamins
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