Alzheimer’s Prevention

alzheimers prevention

How To Avoid Alzheimer’s With Your Mattress As computers need more RAM to run smooth, people need more REM sleep for good health and Alzheimer’s prevention. Though it’s easy to reach for an extra glass of wine when in a state of exhaustion, the reality is this kind of sleep really doesn’t improve the situation. It’s just another quick fix. … Read More

Benefits of Organic Bedding

benefits of natural bedding

Savvy Rest and the Benefits of Organic Bedding Every day there are more and more ways to be environmentally conscious. Cars are running with clean fuel or on electricity, you can buy organically produced food of all kinds at the grocery store, and now, you can fall asleep on environmentally friendly, organically produced bed sheets every night. While some eco-friendly … Read More

Benefits of Natural Latex

benefits of natural latex

The Benefits of Natural Latex Like many naturally produced bedding materials, natural latex is quickly becoming a popular and healthier alternative to conventional mattresses and bedding materials. One of the major draw-back of natural latex mattresses is the fact that they are hard to research, let alone find while shopping for mattresses. Not only is WR Mattress one of the … Read More