Sleep Deprivation Does Not Enhance Productivity


Contrary to popular belief: Sleep Deprivation Does Not Enhance Productivity If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your mind and body will not be able to maintain the productivity level you are accustomed to. Moreover, sleep deprivation has been linked to obesity, physical pain, and even brain damage. Researchers have found correlations between people who suffer from chronic sleep issues and the … Read More

Latex Beds: A Natural Solution for Bedding


Many people are interested in latex mattresses because of their natural composition. Latex is derived from the rubber tree. Revered for its elasticity and durability, natural latex is an ideal mattress filler that also features reliable resilience and, of course, its organic makeup. If you are in the market for a new mattress, consider an eco-friendly latex bed to enjoy … Read More

1 Year Anniversary Sale


We are turning 1 and what better way to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary than to have a mattress sale! We would like to thank everyone that supported our White Rock Mattress Store for the past year. We look forward to serving White Rock and South Surrey for many more years. Join us August 23rd, 10am – 6pm for our … Read More

Putting Insomnia to Rest


Let’s Put Insomnia to Rest! Running on Empty Sleep is a little like oxygen. You don’t miss it until you stop getting it. Although lack of sleep may not dispatch you as quickly as lack of oxygen, miss enough of it and you could find yourself wishing for a quick exit. If you’ve reached that stage, it’s time to declare … Read More

WR Mattress Gallery: Sleep Guide


Sleep Guide from WR Mattress As something we do every night, one would think we’d all be experts when it comes to sleep. The fact is most people do not really know what happens when we sleep and why sleep is so vital for our well being. WR Mattress Gallery, your White Rock – South Surrey mattress store is pleased … Read More